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We are “ Yohei&Rumi ” !

“Yohei&Rumi” was born to send you“our specisal inner cosmetics(ex, Rumi’s Royal Jelly)”and“useful and essential Informations of beauty by our Professional Therapist” and to help you to make your mind and body more beautyful!

The massage we want to send you are,,,only three.

“Let’s live happily! We present you Sexy Life!” ~Woman around the world should enjoy her special life much more.
“Sophisticated Beauty by Inner Cosmetics” ~Rumi’s Royal Jelly enrichs your life.
“Release your hidden charms” ~We want pull out your inner beauty more and more.

How are you getting along? Hours flay very fast.
Various people, various felling, various time, various place….

“I have a fun time!”
“Sometimes I am depressed…”
“Very busy every day!”
“I am very satisfied.The glittering every day!”
“I fell I need some rest…”

Would you let us know you!? and We will please you by various idea!

We hope The Yohei and Rumi’s products color your life.
We wish you smile by coming our web site and event.

Real “Yohei”and“Rumi” are my frends from the old days.
They are Tender,Fashionable,Charming,and Have nice mood and One-track mind everytime.

Our brand “Yohei&Rumi” will become like them.

We hope we raise our “Yohei&Rumi” with you and we and you enjoy our life No matter how old we get !

CEO Profile

Matsuya Hiraoka

Coming soon

Company Profile

Company Name Hiraoka Shoji Co., Ltd.
President and
Representative Director
Matsuya Hiraoka
Office 2-2-14 Kitakami, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Tel / Fax 0120-937-477 / 03-5830-8126
Employees 5
Business mail order・planning・import・sales
Business Hours Weekday 9:00~17:00
Regular holiday Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays